Westland Lysander SOE Pick-up Demonstration

Westland Lysander SOE Pick-up Demonstration | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Patrick Clear

An Unsung War Hero

In this footage, we get to take a look at the Westland Lysander at the Shuttleworth Special Operations Airshow last year.

Overall, it was such a lovely display and a fantastic machine that’s well-flown. 

YouTube / Patrick Clear

The aircraft is a British liaison plane that was utilized before and during WWII. It stands out as one of the special mission planes of the war.

These missions would often include delivering explosives, radios, and important supplies for the Resistance. It also retrieved downed airmen that invaded capture.

YouTube / Patrick Clear

In fact, one could even argue that this is the plane that won the war, because of the many dangerous missions it undertook. 

YouTube / Patrick Clear

Is the Lysander one of your favorite WWII aircraft? Let us know in the comments!

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