These WWI Warbirds Were More Maneuverable Than You’d Expect

These WWI Warbirds Were More Maneuverable Than You’d Expect | World War Wings Videos

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Let’s try something different in this post. We know that all of you who subscribe to both our Facebook page and website are World War II aircraft fanatics. We don’t blame you, because we are too since that era of aviation has given us some of the most beautiful warbirds ever.

Over the years as we’ve been doing this, we’ve been mixing in some modern era jets to keep things interesting for you. According to our statistics, you guys don’t mind and enjoy what we show you. If you didn’t, we wouldn’t do it. Once in a while we throw in a ship here and there just to mix it up even more too.

This time, we’re going to try to give you some more info on the other side of the aviation timeline, namely, World War I era planes. We don’t have a lot of experience and/or knowlege of these, so it’s pretty exciting for us to learn a bunch of new information.

Esthetically, they’re not as pretty as our WWII warbirds (in our opinion), but they do offer a break from what we’re used to. For one, we just saw that these things are pretty agile for what they look like.

Let us know if you like to see a spotlight on these planes once in a while. If you do, we’ll find some cool videos and stories featuring them. If not, don’t worry, we won’t be hurt.

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