WWII P-51 ‘Dog Fights’ SU-27 MiG Fighter Jet

WWII P-51 ‘Dog Fights’ SU-27 MiG Fighter Jet | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube User LilKiki4541

Friendly Dogfight, Anyone?

This is the dogfight you wouldn’t want to miss. First off, the animation is seriously nice. It’s highly detailed and very realistic. Second, it looks so dang fun. Although I would have preferred if there was more action and fighting. Still, I can’t complain. It still looks like the players are having a grand time – I would too if I was there.

If this was real though, I would pick the P-51 Mustang over the SU-27 any day. It’s a personal favorite and flying that beautiful classic war bird is a lifelong dream. Then again, the SU-27 is no weakling. It had its moments too! In fact, two of my favorite features are the heavy aircraft ordnance and its high maneuverability. And of course, it looks like a total bad ass.

Fun Fact: The Sukhoi Su-27’s NATO reporting name is Flanker.

This is my type of fun – digital dogfighting with friends. And whoever loses, owes the winner a drink. That’s just fair, right? Lol.

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