Flying a 1954 MiG-15 at 540 MPH

Flying a 1954 MiG-15 at 540 MPH | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Matt Guthmiller

Aboard a Fighter Jet

YouTuber Matt Guthmiller takes his viewers for an amazing ride aboard a 1954 MiG-15 fighter jet. According to him, not a lot of planes can do 400 knots but the MiG-15 definitely can. He also said that flying this legendary swept-wing fighter jet is fascinating and terrifying at the same time.

YouTube / Matt Guthmiller

He also relates that while the other planes that he flew in the past are pretty straightforward, the MiG-15 isn’t.

YouTube / Matt Guthmiller

For instance, you need a ladder to get in, and it needs to be serviced with nitrogen for the breaks before every flight. Five different fuel tanks open and close with tools and it takes a lot of work to fly. But he flew it anyway!

Would it be so cool to fly a piece of history like the MiG-15?

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