A-10 Gets New Paint Job – Looks Even More Menacing

A-10 Gets New Paint Job – Looks Even More Menacing | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / The Daily Aviation

Snake(s) On A Plane

What better way to celebrate 100 years of aviation than having an A-10 fully repainted? This simple yet effective twin-engine jet aircraft has been used by the US Air Force for its ability to provide close air support.

The Indiana Air National Guard’s 122nd Wing used a black and gray paint scheme for the whole aircraft. The A-10’s nose is painted to look similar to a snake’s head with neon green eyes, its fangs surrounding the 30mm rotary cannon, and its tongue painted on the side. The head of the snake is accented by a pearl white coloring of the edges of the scales. 

YouTube / The Daily Aviation

Any pilot who gets to fly this beauty gets instant rapport with their crew. If it looks great on the airfield, wait until you see it in the skies. It must be a sight to behold.

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