A320 Swings Violently And Blows Tire Before Takeoff

A320 Swings Violently And Blows Tire Before Takeoff | World War Wings Videos

Instagram / @piloteyes737

Adding Insult To Injury

This Airbus A320 was scheduled to fly from Zurich, Switzerland to Faro, Portugal, when the aircraft started to swing violently.

“Abnormal behavior” was already reported during its acceleration, which prompted the pilots to reject takeoff at around 140 Kts. However, during the plane’s declaration, the tire also somehow burst.

Instagram / @piloteyes737

Nevertheless, the pilots did a great job preventing any further incidents with how they controlled the aircraft during the roll. The video of the takeoff roll, which was published on social media, showed the immediate corrective action the pilots took right after the aircraft swung to the left.

Instagram / @piloteyes737

That could have ended way worse for the passengers!

Because of their fast reflexes, the aircraft was able to slow down, vacate the runway, and get taxied to a remote stand.

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