C-130 Flies Impressively Low Over Argentinian Crowd

C-130 Flies Impressively Low Over Argentinian Crowd | World War Wings Videos

Instagram / @combat_learjet

How Low Can It Go?

The crowd at the “55 Heroes” Marathon in Argentina was treated with a very special flyby of a military transport aircraft – the massive Hercules, before starting the event at Rio Gallegos-Santa Cruz Military Air Base.

Instagram / @combat_learjet

This versatile four-engine turboprop from Lockheed has a length spanning almost a hundred feet and has a wingspan of 133 ft. As you can imagine, an aircraft that size flying this low is sure to get a reaction from the crowd!

The sheer size and sound of this cargo aircraft filled the air as soon as it entered the frame! It was flying so low, it looked like it was even lower than the drone we see in the latter parts.

Instagram / @combat_learjet

After watching that, who wouldn’t be pumped to start their marathon? What a great way to energize the contestants who are expected to run 5 to 12 km that day!

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