B-1 Bomber Crashes at South Dakota Air Force Base

B-1 Bomber Crashes at South Dakota Air Force Base | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / KELOLAND News

Last January, a B-1B Lancer of the 28th Bomb Wing reportedly crashed on the runway of Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota. The crash resulted in an explosion and fire, but the crew of four inside were able to eject safely.

Three of them were treated at base for minor injuries, while a fourth was hospitalized due to a back injury. Why did this happen?

YouTube / KELOLAND News

According to the Air Force, the crew was on a routine training mission plagued with freezing temperatures, low clouds, and poor visibility. Though there were no videos of the crash, the picture of the wreck appeared on a Facebook page.

YouTube / KELOLAND News

So far, fewer than 60 B-1 Lancers remain in service at Dyess AFB and Ellsworth AFB.

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