Dreadnaught Full Engine Failure @ 2023 Reno Air Races 

Dreadnaught Full Engine Failure @ 2023 Reno Air Races  | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / czoom51

Best Dead Stick Landing We’ve Ever Seen

In this post, we see the Unlimited Sea Fury Dreadnaught suffering from engine failure in a qualifying session.

YouTube / czoom51

Fortunately, the plane landed safely on the ground with the pilot safe.

Hands down to the pilot for executing a masterful landing of a catastrophic engine failure. He definitely got his bearings right, made a perfect dead-stick landing, and immediately shut it down to preserve the plane engine.

YouTube / czoom51

He made it look like he does it every day – what a fine display of airmanship in adversity!

The cameraman also did an excellent job following the plane through to the final touchdown. 

YouTube / czoom51

Haven’t seen anything that smooth in a long time!

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