Fighter Jets Almost Collide

Fighter Jets Almost Collide | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / lucaas

Not As Close As It Looks

A pair of Gripens seemingly almost collided in this clip shown by YouTuber lucaas. The first Gripen appeared to be slowing down as the other Gripen overtook it in under a second. 

YouTube / lucaas

However, those in attendance have chimed in on what actually happened in the video. It was apparently shot at an airshow in Sweden, pointing us to believe that this was all a part of the show.

YouTube / lucaas

One commenter argued, 

Nobody fools around an airstrip at a fixed altitude and high AOA for no reason, nor does anyone buzz one at the same fixed altitude and mid-speed.

Another user called ‘Andreas’ clarified that this was a planned move to show the lowest speed and a high-speed pass.

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