Inside The Fighter Jets Providing Super Bowl Security

Inside The Fighter Jets Providing Super Bowl Security | World War Wings Videos

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Half a million people descended on Las Vegas to watch the Super Bowl last Sunday. With that many people, you can expect A LOT of security protocols – most of which you wouldn’t even see as they’re thousands of feet up in the air!

No-Fly Zone

F-15 fighter planes of the 144th Fighter Wing would be the first responders should an aircraft pierce the 30-mile no-fly zone. First, they’ll attempt to establish communication using radio calls or by rocking their wings to get the errant pilot’s attention.

If that doesn’t work, then they’ll do a “headbutt,” which means flying directly in front of the aircraft to get their attention. Once they do that, they can finally escort the pilot to land to the nearest base.

If Push Comes To Shove…

Airspace violations are mostly accidental, with it last happening in 2018’s Super Bowl prompting fighters to scramble.

“We’ve spent months planning for this. You guys keep watching the game, and we’ll keep watching the skies.”

However, if push comes to shove, then don’t be alarmed if you see these fighters use their guns!

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