3 Reasons Why This Was The Most Hated WW2 Plane

3 Reasons Why This Was The Most Hated WW2 Plane | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Dark Skies

The Fairey Battle was an RAF light bomber that became infamous because of the heavy losses it incurred in 1940. Here are five reasons why it was one of the most hated WWII planes: 

1. The Battle scored the first RAF aerial victory during the war

It was already considered obsolete even before WWII started. However, the Battle did score the RAF’s first aerial victory during the Phoney War.

2. It was far too big for its engine

The Battle measured 42 ft in length and had a 54 ft wingspan. This would roughly equate to a gross weight of almost 11,000 lbs.

It had an unimpressive max speed of 241 mph, slow enough for anti-aircraft guns and enemy fighters to pick them off.

YouTube / Dark Skies

During the Battle of France, its engines simply didn’t give off enough power for the plane to outrun attacking Bf 109E’s. 

3. It was simply inadequate for warfare

YouTube / Dark Skies

As the Germans advanced to France in 1940, Battle squadrons faced devastating losses because of the relentless assaults against the German vanguard. As a result, it became one of WWII’s most infamous aircraft. 

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