Top Gun: Maverick Clip – Maverick Schools The Rookies

Top Gun: Maverick Clip – Maverick Schools The Rookies | World War Wings Videos

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“Or else what, sir?”

Maverick knew just what to do to humble this class of cocky rookies during Basic Fighter Maneuvers. After all, the rookies thought it would be a good idea to bet 200 pushups on whoever gets “shot” during training.

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After cleaning house on the first set of rookies that included Rooster, Maverick went on to fight Bob, Hangman, and Phoenix.

YouTube / Action Society

This is the part where we learn why they called this guy “Hangman” – he’ll leave you out to dry!

Maverick gets a kill on Phoenix and Bob, but Hangman’s still in pursuit. However, the legendary pilot still had one trick up his sleeve.

YouTube / Action Society

He went up and baited Hangman to do the same. Little did the rookie know that Maverick had already turned while he was blinded by the sun. This, again, resulted in a kill.

He made quick work of those rooks!

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