Battle Of Munster – Masters Of The Air Clip

Battle Of Munster – Masters Of The Air Clip | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Action Society

Fighters In The Horizon

This clip from Masters of the Air shows us how frightening and chaotic it is during a bombing mission.

YouTube / Action Society

This raid was a significant bombing mission during the war, with the objective to disrupt German industrial capabilities and infrastructure in the city of Munster.

As you would expect, the group stumbled into heavily defended territory. It felt like they were losing bombers left and right for the whole 2 minutes!

YouTube / Action Society

You can see the relief on their faces seeing the parachutes deploy, though!

After losing almost everyone, the fighting seemed to have stopped. That was until the 109s came into frame, trying to hunt down the lone bomber left in the formation.

YouTube / Action Society

What a frightening thing to watch!

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