The Fighter Pilot Who Flew Without Legs

The Fighter Pilot Who Flew Without Legs | World War Wings Videos

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Determination and Perseverance

There was no shortage of brave men who fought during WWII. Some even went through hoops to fight for their country – no matter what it took.

One man by the name of Douglas Bader lost both his legs in a plane crash in 1931. The young man recovered, retook his flight training, and passed his check flights, only to be retired against his will due to his injuries. However, that did not stop Bader from enlisting in the Royal Air Force eight years later by proving his capabilities to multiple officers.

S A Devon/ Imperial War Museums/Getty Images

Bader quickly made a name for himself as an exceptional pilot, scoring his first victories over Dunkirk in 1940. 

He was known for his aggressive tactics and precision flying, helping him score 22 aerial victories and damage 11 more enemy aircraft in the process. 

Bader was eventually captured in 1941 and remained in a POW camp until the camp was liberated four years later. Regardless, Bader is heralded as a hero for bravely fighting for his country despite his condition. 

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