Closer Look at Tom Cruise’s Mustang

Closer Look at Tom Cruise’s Mustang | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / jchcmax

A Beautiful Mustang

Tom Cruise’s P-51 Mustang looks very well-maintained judging from this video alone. According to one of the staff, Cruise’s Mustang is designed and rebuilt into the more-iconic D model. Originally, his P-51″D” was built as a P-51K and was used as a photo-reconnaissance fighter plane in the 1940s. There isn’t much difference between the D and K models though.

YouTube / jchcmax

The one big difference was their propellers. The K models had 11 ft Aeroproducts propellers while the D models had a slightly bigger Hamilton Standard prop. Ever since being rebuilt into the D model, Cruise’s P-51 now has a Hamilton Standard propeller. The colors that the plane uses are inspired by the 334th Fighter Squadron “Fighting Eagles”.

YouTube / jchcmax

His Mustang is still airworthy as of today and it is currently one of the only few airworthy P-51K Mustangs in the world. It spends the majority of its time in the hangar of the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, California.

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