$25,000 RC A-10 Warthog Is A Dream

$25,000 RC A-10 Warthog Is A Dream | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / FPVicious

Is It Worth It?

Who wouldn’t want their own RC A-10 Warthog, right? Well, now you can with just one caveat. It costs $25,000 to own one.

YouTube / Jet Shop Boys

Yes, you read that right. This Warthog that will probably crash sometime in the future is worth that much money. To be fair, it might be the best RC A-10 model ever.

It is a 1:5.8 scale model with a 10ft wingspan and can fit two engines that support up to 140N of thrust. Apparently, it took the fuselage 4 weeks to make – not including the electronics. Meanwhile, the ARF version took 4 months to complete.

YouTube / Jet Shop Boys

Since the video was released, the hype about this A-10 build has finally died down. It’s now about 1/5th of its original price. 

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