B-36 Peacemaker Crash Scene in “Strategic Air Command”

B-36 Peacemaker Crash Scene in “Strategic Air Command” | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / RC Synx

Complexity Comes At A Cost

Jimmy Stewart is a phenomenal actor and it shows in this short clip from Strategic Air Command.

At this point in the movie, the B-36’s problem with leaking fuel tanks has apparently been fixed. Dutch being Dutch, he was just itching to fly his B-36 again.

YouTube / RC Synx

Unfortunately for them, the fix didn’t work as intended and the engine on the left wing burst into flames. The fire quickly spread all over the left wing which prompted Dutch to bail out his crew. Everyone bailed except for Dutch and his radar navigator as it crashed on the snow of Greenland.

YouTube / RC Synx

Dutch injured his shoulder but survived and was “promoted” to a B-47 pilot afterward. Coincidentally, the B-47 was the last plane he flew before crashing and injuring himself further.

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