B-52 Makes Your Eardrums Ring

B-52 Makes Your Eardrums Ring | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Adam Richardson Adventures

Roaring Over The Fields

Now that will make your ears ring! This massive aircraft appropriately named the “Stratofortress”, makes its way over Fairford and it does not do so in silence.

Some viewers have noted that this actually is not the loudest it gets when it flies over you. Apparently, it is much louder when all parts of the engine are utilized. Imagine seeing that during an airshow! 

YouTube / Adam Richardson Adventures

With its tremendously long wingspan, this B-52 soaring over fields must be a treat to watch. If you ever have the opportunity to see one in your life, you better take it and cherish that memory. But if the opportunity doesn’t arise, there are videos like this one below that capture the roar of the B-52 engine as it flies over an empty field.

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