Giant Scale P-38 Lightning “Honey Bunny” Going Up

Giant Scale P-38 Lightning “Honey Bunny” Going Up | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / The RC Geek

A Worthy Scale Model

This plane’s unmistakable silhouette is cherished by many. The giant scale model of this P-38 was built by Mike McCormick and its impeccable design is noteworthy. 

YouTube / The RC Geek

It flies so smoothly thanks to its two Dualsky GA6000.8 engines. Each piece can produce 9.2HP at 8000RPM – a good deal for an engine that only costs $250 apiece. But what really makes this aircraft stand out is its wings. The 114in wingspan must have been so cool to see in person. 

YouTube / The RC Geek

Technical aspect aside, this P-38 did not leave anything on the table. The fantastic paint job and the application of proper decals are just the icing on the cake for this wonderful model.

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